Chain Link Fence

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Why choose chain link fence?

Chain link fence is arguably the most affordable solution to secure and protect your home, business or other property. Central Iowa Fencing uses 11-gauge, 2″ diamond pattern chain link fence that can be paired with PVC privacy slats for 85% reduction in visibility resulting in greater privacy. Our chain link fence can also be colored green, black, and brown to allow it to better blend into the surroundings, increasing visibility and aesthetic appeal.

This is especially true when fencing a very large perimeter. Additionally, chain link fence comes in a wide variety of heights, gauges, and coating options (including uncoated). These options help our Cedar Rapids customers reach the budget for their project.

Due to it’s low maintenance & corrosion resistance, chain link fence retains it’s cost effectiveness over long periods of time, requiring minimal upkeep. In fact, our chain link fence component manufacturers are so confident in their product, they maintain 12+ year warranties!

With a comparatively low cost, low long term maintenance, and available options, chain link fence makes a great solution for a variety of applications: residential, commercial, industrial, high security, and recreational sports complexes.

Chain link fence is versatile!



Chain link fence is popular for residential use as it balances aesthetics (especially when color coated), intended security concerns, and financial value.


Businesses and industrial complexes typically require a unique need for increased security and durability. Chain link fence is often unmatched by other fencing products compared to chain link fence.


Due to it’s high-visibility via 2″ open diamond links and ability for colored chain link fence to better blend into it’s surroundings, chain link fence makes the perfect perimeter fencing product for baseball fields, tennis courts, and play grounds.


The high strength and durability of chain link fence when integrated with access control features and other deterrents such as razor ribbon makes chain link fence the perfect solution for high-security perimeter protection.

Quality that lasts.

Warranty Information

We source our chain link fence from reputable, high quality manufacturers & not a big box store. This might seem like it should be an industry standard, it’s not uncommon for other contractors to cut corners. Central Iowa Fencing takes immense pride in our work and our materials and we hold our suppliers to the same.

Our chain link fencing is galvanized with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating for superior protection against rain, snow or frost. Combining it with a colored PVC coating is a great way to enhance corrosion resistance and curb appeal.

Central Iowa Fencing’s colored chain link fence is PVC coated – not painted! This coating is applied over the top of the corrosion resistant protection of the zinc framework. The zinc coated steel framework is thoroughly cleaned during the pre-treatment process and then color coated with a 3 mil minimum polyester layer for dual protection from corrosion.

Our chain link fence manufacturers stand behind their product! Galvanized chain link fence offers a 12-year manufacturer limited warranty. Colored chain link fence includes a 15-year manufacturer limited warranty.

All of the hardware used when installing your chain link fence is powder coated to better protect against the elements. On top of the material manufacturer warranties, we offer a 1 year warranty on all workmanship related items as well as on dug posts with concrete. We’re proud to offer a 5 year warranty for post heaving (i.e. pulling out of the ground) for driven posts.

Your chain link fence questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take the Cedar Rapids fence contractor to build my chain link fence?

It varies depending on the type of fence, how complicated the design is and other factors that our fencing experts can go over with you when you contact us.

What if I already have a fence will I have to change my fence line or can the new fence go in the exact same spot?

There are multiple options available for replacing your existing fence, the estimator can go over each of those options when then come out to view your property.

How large are fencing sections?

Our chain link fence is typically installed in 4,5, or 6-foot sizes however enjoy creating new and innovative fencing solutions for our customers so other options can be discussed.

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