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Ornamental Iron Fence

~ Gorgeous & Low Maintenance ~

See why ornamental iron fencing is top choice for Cedar Rapids luxury in perimeter security.

Why choose an ornamental iron fence?

When it comes to fencing longevity, nothing compares to ornamental iron. You can often find ornamental iron fencing in Cedar Rapids that was installed in the early 1900s still standing. Today’s manufacturing methods and protective coatings have only improved over the years!

Our Montage Plus iron fencing by Ameristar Fence Products provides a maintenance free finish with a variety of custom styles and is produced using 96% recycled steel.

With fusion welded construction, ornamental iron fencing from Ameristar has superior strength. Not only is wrought iron fencing beautiful, but it provides enhanced security compared to chain link fencing & wooden fences. Iron fences are unlikely to be easily cut through and are impenetrable to wire cutters.

Iron fences are luxurious!

Timeless beauty.

Ornamental iron provides timeless beauty. And with customizable styles, you can add a personal touch of decoration to you fencing.

When combined with other building materials, such as retaining walls, stones, bricks, and more, you can create a highly custom ornamental iron fence that brings a unique style to your property.

Iron fence has a variety of complex curves and spirals available that can be combined into intricate patterns that are sure to boost your properties aesthetic appeal and decorative interest.

Iron lasts a lifetime.

Warranty Information

Because corrosion typically starts from inside out, Ameristar Montage line of iron fencing products are coated both inside and out. The galvanized framework goes through a multi-stage pre-treatment along with a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of an epoxy primer. Combined with an acrylic topcoat, you’ll find superior corrosion protection to withstand the adverse conditions Cedar Rapids residents are likely to encounter.

Their confidence in their manufacturing process results in Ameristar’s Montage Line offering a lifetime limited warranty.

Your ornamental iron fence questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are ornamental iron fences great for gardens?

Gardens attract pests that can gnaw at wooden fences. Additionally, unlike wood and vinyl, ornamental iron is not susceptible to tannin staining that can occur from plants that release natural tannin dyes found in some plants.

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