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Wood Fence

~ Natural & Beautiful ~

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Why choose a wooden fence?

For home owners looking for a more natural look, wood fences are the perfect option. Combined with our high quality choice in material and installation techniques, our wood fences will stand the test of time. Many contractors may use inexpensive components when building their wooden fences, but at Central Iowa Fencing we’re proud to use western red cedar boards, Galvanized Steel “Postmaster Plus” posts, and post setting techniques that allow our product to rise above the best in comparison.

Aside from the traditional and natural look of a wood fence, you’ll find that a wood fence offers a significant number of design options at a lower cost than many other fence products due to trees being an abundant natural resource and many of the wood fencing styles existing as mass manufactured panels resulting in a product that is a great blend of looks, functionality, and cost.

Wooden fencing is also very easy to repair. With common, routine maintenance, a wood fence will be built to last; however, occasional and more complex repairs could occur. Because wood is such a common product and wood fencing is made from individual wooden components, repairing even complicated damage can often be achieved without replacing entire sections.

Wooden fences offer variety!

So many options…

Unlike chain link fence and vinyl fencing that may be limited in design and colors, wood fencing provides unmatched variety.

The variety of woods available, colors of paints and stains, and multitude of wood shapes and cuts available provide wooden fence projects lots of freedom. Two identical fence panels can look completely different with something as simple as choosing an alternative colored stain.

Plus, wood makes for the perfect material to unleash creativity with it’s ease in which it can be cut and customized by using off the shelf lumber instead of pre-manufactured wood fence panels.

As a durable and sturdy building material, your fence can creatively be built directly into surround wooden structures and blend seamlessly into the overall design.

We stand behind it.

Warranty Information

As a natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable building material, wood fences do require some routine maintenance to ensure a long lasting life. Owners should take steps to protect wooden fences from the natural processes of decomposition and fungus growth.

At Central Iowa Fencing, we offer a 1 year warranty on our wood fencing installations. Many other companies decline to offer warranties on wooden fences at all because of the organic processes that naturally affect a fence.

On top of the material warranties, we offer a 1 year warranty on all workmanship related items as well as on dug posts with concrete. We’re proud to offer a 5 year warranty for post heaving (i.e. pulling out of the ground) for driven posts.

Your wooden fence questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a wood fence last?

Unlike chain link fencing and vinyl fencing, wood is an organic material that is naturally biodegradable. For long lasting protection, wood used in construction is treated; however, it often requires annual inspection and may need to be stained or painted over the years to reapply protective coatings. The wood within the walls of your home is also susceptible to various types of decay or infestations, but the wood on your fence will be directly in the elements. Continual dampening from rain and drying from the sun, sitting in several inches of melting snow, and openly available to insects and rodents, it’s not uncommon for a wooden fence to require repairs at some point in it’s life time. The life span of a wooden fence can depend on several variables, but with routine maintenance, including the occasional replacement of boards, a well built wooden fence is capable of lasting 20+ years.

Why is pressure treated wood still susceptible to requiring repair?

Pressure treated wood helps protect against termites and fungus, but wood is a porous, natural material that expands from moisture and contracts as it dries. This process of swelling and shrinking naturally stresses the wood, which can contribute to cracks and warping.

If wood requires repairs, what are alternative options?

For customers seeking unmatched aesthetics and customizability, traditional wood fencing is the perfect option. From a cost and maintenance standpoint; however, it does have its pros and cons in comparison to chain link and vinyl fencing. Wooden fencing provides a middle ground of cost efficiency and beauty, as it retains a greater affordability than vinyl and a more aesthetically pleasing look than chain link fence depending upon owner preferences.

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