5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Fence Installation

With spring right around the corner, construction season is heating up along with the temperatures! Warmer temperatures means more time outside and more time outside means backyard projects. If you’re considering having a fence installed this, Central Iowa Fencing is prepared to help you with top of line service and free estimates. With locations serving both Cedar Rapids and Des Moines areas, our crews will be covering projects across the state. To ensure a prompt start on your project to maximize the amount of time you can enjoy it, here’s 5 tips to prepare for your spring fence installation.

Know Your Fence Purpose

First and foremost, you need to know the purpose behind building the fence. Do you want to set new boundaries, contain a child or pet, or are you looking for some increased privacy. Providing the main focus of your fence to your salesman will help narrow down the choices.

Pick a Type of Fence

Once you know why you need a fence, it’s time to determine what kind of fence fits that purpose. Central Iowa Fencing is happy to provide a number of options to best suit your needs depending upon your budget.

Do Some Research

Aside from deciding who to hire to install your fence, you should also spend some time getting information about local building codes prior to installation. Additionally, be sure to check with your neighborhood association to check if you need prior approval. Homeowner associations often have specific requirements that may be more strict than city codes.

Inform Your Neighbor

It’s always a good idea to let your neighbor know that you’ll be installing a fence. Be sure to talk about things like lawn care maintenance along the fence as well.

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